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Women in Music

I am increasingly heartened to have opened my eyes to the world of Women In Music! I hope you, too, will join me in promoting the voices of women composers, musicians, and feminist musicology scholars. You can do so with a simple letter to the music director of your local symphony asking that more compositions by women be included in their next season, or bringing pieces you find by women to your piano teacher for inclusion in lessons (both of which I have done!) In this section I provide links to my favorite female voices, and to those of our pro-feminist male friends and supporters, who are pianists, composers, or academicians who play, conduct, or write about women composers. Please email me similar resources and I shall include them with much appreciation for a devotion that we share to the inclusion of women in musical history and in the present.
Louise Farrenc (French composer and pianist)  From

Donne  Italian for "women." Project of opera singer Gabriella di Laccio whose mission is to make more visible the prodigious contribution of women to music. She reports the astounding and devastating fact that, in October, 2022, almost nine out of ten pieces played by orchestras around the world were composed by Caucasian men. She provides a list of more than 5,000 women composers, and offers program consultation services to music directors who are committed to the inclusion of women, including minority and LGBQT women, to achieve a more just musical world.

Feminine Endings: music, gender, & sexuality  by Dr. Susan McClary (Case Western Reserve University) The seminal 1995 book that brought feminist analysis of musicology throughout history to the present day, into the academy; a must read!

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